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Parts for Controlled Access Turnstiles
High Security Single
Single Turnstile
THT-100EC2 / HS-427S
High Security Tandem
Tandem Turnstile
THT-100TC2 / HST-427S
High Security ADA
ADA Gate
Galvanized, Powder Coat, Stainless
  Full Height Turnstile (Single) w/Full Height Gate, EntraPASS & 2-Cameras w/DVR EntraPASS Card Access System

Model STG2-G EntraPass
$ 22,646.00
Full Height
2-Way Electric Turnstile
Handicap Gate
EntraPass Card Access
(2) KT-300 Controllers
(4) Card Readers
(1) Dell Card Access Computer
(2) Outdoor Cameras
(1) 8-Ch. DVR
Camers and DVR by

AutoCAD Schematic
Cabling is included
Unlimited Telephone Support
Off-Site Remote Training
  Easy to set-up and install. Works with any Pentium grade Computer Scan Photos and insert into database. Make Photo ID Cards that correspond to the Card Access Database.
EntraPass Special Edition
$ 3,198.00
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Tripod Turnstiles

The MPP 112 series pivot barriers are designed to control pedestrians entering or exiting restricted areas, usually under surveillance, in low security situations.  This design provides a cost effective, anti-tailgating solution with a bar rotation of 3 x 120 degrees.
Swing Gates

The MPS Series of swing gates have been developed to provide a user friendly access barrier for one-way and two-way, pedestrian traffic control. Operation in either a 1 x 90 or 2 x 90 bi-directional mode is obtained by pre-selecting the respective MUC Controller function

Retractable MPR

The MPR retractable panel barrier has been developed as a user friendly solution for the fast and controlled processing of pedestrians entering or exiting restricted areas, usually under surveillance, offering a typical throughput of up to 60 people per minute.

Retractable MPW

The MPW retractable panel barrier has been developed for higher end installations allowing for fast and controlled access of pedestrians for entering and exiting restricted areas. Very high cycle rates and a wide variety of options are available
Catrax Clip

Cat Rax Package,
Catrax Plus
Pdf Manual_05.pdf
Full Height Galvanized, Powder Coated, Stainless, Aluminum Optical Security Turnstile, Barriers and Barrier Free Wood Cabinet Optical Turnstile Rounded Corner Waist High Turnstiles Industrial Grade Waist High Turnstiles Brute Force Prison Grade Turnstiles
 Stainless steel cabinet.
Portable platform with stainless steel guide rail.
Coin or token acceptor.
Electronic counter.
Push button release.
Computer interface module.
Wheels (for portable units).
Indicating lights
 Powder coat finish.
Indicating lights.
Card reader mounting plate.
Coin or token acceptors.
Electronic counter.
Computer interface module.
Push button release.
 Locking mechanism is located in the gate post.
Breakaway feature provides an exit path in case of emergency.
Easy and safe to install.The control module provided operates on a safe 24 volts powered by a standard 120 VAC receptacle.
Audible lock and unlock signal can be provided.
Fitting for rails are available to easily complete floor plan.

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