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21-113   Micro Switch BZ-2RL2-A2 Limit/Rotation   
62-504 Locking Cam Assembly RLT2/TG  Qty:
63-133 Locking cam return spring  Qty:
85-116 Bushing Pin Block  Qty:
85-141 Roller Self Center  Qty:
85-143 Flange Bearing Lower  Qty:
85-156 Shock Absorber  Qty:
85-160 Lower Guide Block Plunger  Qty:
85-177 Washer-Locking Bar  Qty:
85-178 Washer Pivot Arm  Qty:
85-205 Mounting Plate - Lower Bearing  Qty:
85-213 Solenoid Plunger Return Spring  Qty:
85-214 Pivot Arm Spring  Qty:
85-215 Pin Linkage to pivot arm .135" 17-7 SS Qty:
85-221 Solenoid Linkage-aluminum Qty:
85-225 Solenoid - Deltrol  Qty:
85-236 Shaft Spacer 1-1/8" I.D. x 1-3/4"O.D Qty:
85-249 Best Lock Cylinder Key-Bypass or Mortise Qty:
85-259 Key for woodruff Shaft Qty:
85-265  Bracket -Locking Bar Switch Qty:
85-270 Flange bearing upper outside plastic Qty:
85-275 Black End Caps for STG-31 Qty:
85-278 Spring Compression - Speed Control Qty:
85-285 Spring-self centering-new style Qty:
85-308 Plunger Bar rollers self centering (Large Disk) Qty:
85-553 CSTG Lower Plexiglass Panel for full height Turnstile 26"x21" Qty:
85-632 Speed compression cylinder (new lt) Qty:
86-107 Lower Hub & Shaft Assembly Qty:
86-113 Lock Plate Assembly LE-High Qty:
86-114 Roller Bearing Assembly-high-St Qty:
86-117 Lock Plate Assembly - High - UE - ST Qty:
86-120 Ratchet Assy. with Rollers and Actuator. Qty:
86-130 Complete Locking Mechanism Assembly Qty:
86-132 Pivot & Roller Arm Assembly-LE-CCW Qty:
86-133 Pivot & Roller Arm Assembly-LE-CW Qty:
86-135 Pivot Roller Arm Assembly .-UE-CW Qty:
86-136 Tension Block Assembly Qty:
86-141 Solenoid Assembly  Qty:
86-146AC Lower shaft and bearing assembly Qty:
86-147 Locking Bar Assembly. - key - bypass Qty:
86-152 Upper Hub Assembly-woodruff key Qty:
86-166 Bearing Housing Assembly- fixed Bearing Qty:
86-140 Roller Bearing Assembly Arm-Low-St Qty:
86-173 Plunger Bar Assembly Kit New Style. Qty:
86-177 Plunger Bar w/Roller-self center-new style - New Style Qty:
86-285 replacement turnstile arms for Phillips Burle - clear Qty:
86-285AC This is the lower arm replacement for ASTG clear aluminum arm Qty:
86-289 control board for Phillips Burle STG-232UC Qty:
86-292 PLC Conversion Kit Qty:
86-127 Complete Locking Mechanism Assembly     Qty:
PUPKIT Replacement for old Control Board      Qty: